• Emotional Distress

    Feeling emotional distress, suffering from anxiety or panic attacks?

    A new breakthrough treatment that can offer immediate relief

    The sad reality is that most people will suffer from emotional distress – which can include anxiety, pressure, panic attack, chest pains, and confusion - at least once in their lives. This distress can often be brought on by a sudden event such as an accident, bulling at school or your work place, or the onset of disease or a disability. As it can affect a person at any stage of their life, it can become so bad that it takes all of the joy from what are often considered the best years of their life...and it’s not always temporary. In many cases, emotional distress can last for many years, possibly even for the rest of the person affected’s life. Tragically, it can even take their life.

    So what are the warning signs you should be looking out for?

    • Sadness and loneliness
    • Fatigue, low energy
    • Irritability, anger, hostility
    • Tearfulness, frequent crying or panic attack
    • Withdrawal from family and friends
    • Loss of interest in activities they once enjoyed
    • Changes in eating and sleeping habits

    It is also vital to look for changes in a person’s behaviour. Abnormal behaviour could spell danger for your loved ones and they may require professional help.


    Depression, pain and mobility


    Did you know that pain and depression are closely related? In many people, depression can actually cause unexplained physical symptoms such as back pain. This can often be the first sign of depression.

    Often the person affected feels that no one understands and the sense of helplessness may lead them into a state of deep and long-standing depression if the problem isn’t resolved in a reasonable time frame. Thus, the close relationship between stress, depression and pain demands that a solution to the problem be found which addresses both the emotional and physical aspects.


    Current treatment options


    In many cases, counselling and various forms of talk therapy can help greatly. The other standard form of therapy in Ireland (up to now) has been anti-depressant medication. This comes with its own risks which you need to be aware of before undergoing treatment.


    Chiren Therapy Centre offers a safe, drug-free and effective treatment


    The good news is there is an alternative treatment that has been proven to offer effective, long-lasting results. Chiren Therapy Centre is located in The Roselawn Business Centre, National Technology Park, Castletroy, Limerick, led by Dr Alvaro Ramirez, a medical doctor with over 30 years of experience, has pioneered a breakthrough treatment that addresses both emotional and physical aspects. This treatment involves skillfully combining ancient Eastern methods of pain relief with the latest in Western technology.


    "Many of our patients have welcomed the fact that they can achieve results without having to open up and talk about their feelings over and over again," says Dr Ramirez.


    Symptom reduction

    Approximately 80% of Dr Ramirez’s patients experience a significant reduction in their symptoms after the first or second visit. He says that an accurate diagnosis of the root cause of the problem plays a large part in achieving this success rate.


    "The screening system allows the practitioner and the patient to actually see the health condition of their entire body on a graph on a screen. The screening is non-invasive, painless, gives immediate accurate results, has no side-effects and is carried out with the patient fully clothed."


    "Laser technology enables patients to enjoy drug-free and pain-free treatments in minutes. Laser acupuncture therapy is quick, effective, absolutely pain-free, and suitable for children and those who have an aversion to needles. Teenagers tend to be fascinated with, and love, the technology!", explains Dr. Ramirez.


    Say goodbye to emotional distress!


    Getting to the clinic couldn’t be easier. Limerick can be effortlessly reached from all major roads. It is just one and a half hours from Dublin via the M7 and over an hour drive from Cork via the N20 and Galway via N18.


    So if you or your loved one is suffering from any emotional distress, why not call the clinic today to book an initial appointment? We will assess your condition using the latest technology, resulting in a bespoke diagnosis and a ground breaking treatment using safe and non-evasive acupuncture points without any side effects and with immediate results.


    "Everyone knows there’s only one thing that matters when you’ve a loved one in emotional distress and that’s helping them get out of it as quickly as possible," says Dr Ramirez.