• Treatment Techniques

    At Chiren these are the tools we use with our little ones; all of them are painless and great fun!

    Acugraph diagnostic tool

    The AcuGraph® system takes a reading of the child's energy by measuring the Qi of each meridian. It conducts a graphical analysis and interpretation of each child's meridian energetics and displays this for us to see and read. The advantage of using AcuGraph® is that it is evidence based acupuncture documentation and gives an accurate picture of what is going on within the meridian system of the body. You, the parent, can clearly see the location of the problems that are causing the symptoms of illness of your child and will be able to see the progression of the treatments with the changes in the graph results.

    LLT Body Laser treatment

    Laser Acupuncture Therapy is Pain-free:
    The gentleness of the therapy makes it particularly suitable for children and those with an aversion to needles

    No Needles:

    No needles are used to pierce the skin as in traditional acupuncture. Instead, laser fibre optic diodes are applied to the precise points indicated by the AcuGraph screening.

    Effective and fast Treatments:

    A normal acupuncture session may require the needles to be left in for 20-30 minutes, yet a full laser therapy treatment usually only takes around 5 minutes once the laser is applied.
    Powerful and Quick Results:
    As with all medical procedures no guarantee can be made as to the effectiveness of treatment in any individual.


    LLT Ear Laser treatment

    The Ear laser treatments are done based on auricular therapy where the whole body is reflected on the ear and master points are stimulated for an array of different issues such as emotional, respiratory, skin, digestive, cognitive etc.


    Shonishin massage based therapy and tools

    Shonishin acupuncture is a highly specialized form of treatment therapy for infants, children, and sensitive adult patients, which originated in Japan about 400 years ago.
    It is a very different style of acupuncture than is typically used on adults.
    Rather than inserting needles, shonishin treatments use special blunt tools that stay on the surface of the body.
    A typical shonishin treatment consists of stroking, pressing, rubbing, tapping, and brushing the skin to provide a gentle stimulation that will reduce problematic symptoms, as well as strengthen the child’s overall constitution so it has a greater capacity to heal itself.
    Shonishin treatments are very gentle, non-invasive, and painless.
    Most children find the treatments quite relaxing, comfortable, and enjoy coming in.
    Shonishin based treatments usually only last about 5-10 minutes.

    Scalp massage techniques

    Scalp therapy is another microsystem where the cortex of the brain is stimulated and different areas of the body and different issues such as cognitive, behavioural and emotional can be very effectively addressed. .